Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Four Best Times to Bond with Your Child

Of course you will want to bond with your child throughout the day but here are four times of the day that are ideal for creating bonding moments. They are as follows:
1. Early in the morning before we start our litany of what they need to be doing. With young children, you may want to have a special chair that you sit in together before they need to start their morning routine. It is best if this is done away from their bed.
2. Upon departure. It is helpful to have a "goodbye" routine. A routine that is unique for that child. For a toddler you may exchange a personal item that can be kept as a reminder of how much you love each other.
3. Upon re-entry. Again, a routine that is welcoming, one that makes the child feel that he belongs and is he is entering into a space that is safe, secure and unconditionally loving. Don't be talking on your cell phone or texting! Be sure that your face lights up when you see your child.
4. Bedtime. Create an unhurried routine that helps the child feel close and connected. Make sure children have their own special time, with you or your partner. Having to share you with their sibling usually isn't satisfying. Being put to sleep by a stressed, tired adult, whose intention is to get them to bed so they can have sometime for themselves is not nurturing. I know this is difficult, however it is helpful to squeeze sometime for yourself during the day so that you have some energy left to connect with your child at bedtime.

Bonding can be a tricky thing due to tight schedules and our own lack of bonding in childhood. We all could use some good tips to bond with our kids. Please share your special ways you bond with your child.

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  1. This is a great reminder to us that bonding isn't just during infancy, but throughout life. Our toddler has "alone time" with me and my husband. My husband usually chages her in the morning, which is way more fun than when Mommy does it since Daddy incorporates play and tickling into it. I always put her to bed at night after cudlling, reading a book together and having some warm milk. This seems to work out nicely for us! We will start some new routines for when she goes to preschool next week...I'll be happy to get some ideas!