Monday, August 22, 2011

Things that Make Your Heart Go "Awww"

Today I found a pink paper heart on the floor of my office. My daughter, 17, had cut paper hearts in three different sizes and strewn them on a path way from my bedroom to my computer where she had written a love note for my birthday. I had thought I had thrown them all out several weeks ago but every once in a while another one pops up somewhere in my office.....symbols of love. Every time I see one my heart goes, "awwww....I am loved." Brianna had no way of knowing how deeply this "act of sweetness" would move me.

This was a good reminder to me that it is not the big things but the little things that make the heart go "awwww...I am loved"!

Practice: This week do an "act of sweetness" for someone in your family.

By Kathryn Kvols, Author of Redirecting Children's Behavior and founder of INCAF

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