Thursday, July 21, 2011

Setting Limits with Grandparents

Have you ever felt like your parents give you children too much "stuff?" One mom from our coaching session handled this issue brilliantly. She had given her parents specific parameters about the amount of birthday presents they could give their grandchild. However when the birthday arrived, the grandparents overloaded the child with too much "stuff!" Mom didn't say anything at the time, however the next time she went to her mother's house she brought a suitcase with her. In the suitcase was the "stuff!" Mom very lovingly said,"I believe you left this at our house." That was it! No lecture. No harsh words.

So look for a situation where your boundaries are not being respected. Determine what loving action you could take and implement it.

Clue: You know your boundaries are being disrespected when you start feeling resentful.

By Kathryn Kvols, Author of Redirecting Children's Behavior and founder of INCAF

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