Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Difference Between Giving Up and Letting Go

Giving up often comes from a sense of desperation or hopelessness. The thought often attached to this is, "I don't care." You feel weak and you feel like a victim. Letting go comes from a position of trust....a trusting that if you step back from the situation, a better outcome will occur. You care very deeply but you realize this might not be the right time, or the right place. You may not have enough information. You might not be the right person to address this issue or to support your family member in moving though this situation. "Letting go" is a very powerful position, one of choice.
This week, see if there is a situation in which you might better serve the people involved by letting go. A clue is to look for situations where you are more invested or attached than the other person.    
By Kathryn Kvols, Author of Redirecting Children's Behavior and founder of INCAF

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