Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Become a Certified Parenting Instructor

Kathryn Kvols will be personally providing two upcoming Parenting Instructor trainings in July and August.  This is an exciting opportunity to learn from Kathryn herself. All who complete this intensive three day training will be certified parenting educators authorized to teach the Redirecting Children's Behavior (RCB) course through the International Network for Children and Families. RCB is the only leading parenting education program that prepares their instructors through such an intensive training program.
"I love teaching "Redirecting Children's Behavior" because it makes ME a better parent. Being reminded of the tools consistently, really keep me in alignment with the parent I want to be."

"I have had many careers in my life. None of them has been as fulfilling as teaching "Redirecting Children's Behavior".

These are words we continually hear from our instructors. Whether you are you wanting to start a new stream of income or want a career that makes you feel like your are making a powerful difference in your community, I invite you to join our international team of dedicated parenting instructors who teach "Redirecting Children's Behavior." The next training dates available are:

    * July 29th-31th in Orlando, Fl.
    * Or August 18-21st in Raleigh, NC

Here are five reasons to take this training:
1. Many families are stressed with all the economic changes. We all know that when parents are stressed, children misbehave more and child abuse dramatically increases. Now good parenting help is needed more than ever.

2. You can develop several streams of income from the curriculum. You can teach the course, give workshops, develop a coaching business, lead tele-seminars and do public speaking.

3. You can have a career where you can be your own boss and work the hours you want to work!

4. It is a good investment. There are parents EVERYWHERE! Frequently instructors have recouped their tuition after their first or second courses.

5. Most people have a goal to be the best parent they can be. When you teach the course you not only help others but, teaching also helps to sharpen your parenting tools!

Completion of this course entitles Nurses, Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, School Psychologists and Psychologists and Licensed Midwives in the state of Florida to receive 20 CEUs.

If you are interested in being a catalyst for growth and change in families, email for more information.

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