Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Parents Succumbing to Peer Pressure

In her recent article in NEWS Magazine, Vanessa Barford with BBC News takes a good look at parental spending habits and with good reason. In her article, “The parental spending craze,” she discusses how parents are succumbing to peer pressure and spending more and more on  the latest products and gadgets for their children. While this isn’t new, it seems that there is a rise in competition for the best baby accessories! She reports that experts are linking this to the idea that parents see their children as a statement of themselves and baby goods are now becoming a status symbol.

Barford goes on to point out that more seasoned parents often don’t fall prey to this mindset as frequently. But in my mind, this begs the question, “If parents are increasingly falling prey to peer pressure, how will their children learn not to?”  As parents, it is our responsibility to remember what is most important in life, and my guess is it’s not the brand of diaper bag we carry!

You may view Vanessa Barford’s article at The parental spending craze.
By Heather Remer, INCAF

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