Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas HollyFamily Holiday Challenge
25 Days of Family Fun
Day One
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Buy or make a holiday elf or Santa. Give the family these instructions: the elf/Santa will be hidden by someone in the family. It is their task is to find the elf. The person who finds the elf gets to hide it for the next day. Anticipation and excitement gets stirred up as family members try to find the hidden elf.  Imagine the surprise element that occurs when the elf is found in the refrigerator, lunch box, or in your brief case!

Please share your experience so that we can all grow and delight from each other's family.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Challenge

Has the electronic monster stolen your family? Is your family spending too much time in front of the TV, computer, or video games? Are family members cloistered in various parts of your house only to come out for food? Or are you lost in the day-to-day stress and forgetting to create what most of us long for, deep connections with our families.
 Holiday Family Feet
Do you want to create some cherished memories? When you look back at the time your children spent growing up, the fun things you did together will stand out as delightful memories and reinforce bonds with those you love. The hours you spent watching a screen will pass into oblivion. So push aside some of those activities that keep you all so busy, and make room for quality time with family. Store up the memories now that your family will be talking about for the rest of your lives. If you make quality family time your priority, you will be amazed with how quickly your family will bond, become a team and have fun together.

Choosing family activities that everyone will enjoy can be challenging. Finding family activities that are fun and educational requires considerable effort and creativity. So we have done this for you. We have selected 25 Challenges for you to do and you will get them sent to you once a day for the next 25 days. While nothing can guarantee every activity will be a big hit with every member of your family, you will increase your odds by making an effort to do as many of these challenges as you can.

Your challenge is to do an activity EVERYDAY before the holiday. Set aside at least one block of time during the day to spend quality time with your family, and guard it like it's Fort Knox. Most of the Challenges don't require massive amounts of time or materials.

Try to do each Challenge with the entire family. However, do not force anyone to participate. Use an INVITATION ONLY policy!

Our family will be doing some of the challenges with you. I will be blogging about how it went for our family. Please share your experiences  on our blog, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter also so we can all learn how to make our families feel more connected! Make sure you check you email tomorrow for your first's a fun one!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Very Few Things Are More Important Than.....

..... this but yet we tend to forget. If you have read my book, Redirecting Children's BehaviorKath's photo, you know that it is so important that it is in the first chapter of my book. Without this, we become cranky, irritable and start looking like yesterday's Halloween costume (scary thought)! Yet, when we do this one thing, we become patient, more fun and can handle any misbehavior our child flings at us in a more creative and loving way. What is this one thing? Taking care of ourselves.  

Parenting Practice: This week take 20 minutes a day five days a week or 1 hour a day three times a week just for you...this is my version of extreme makeover!  We would love to hear how what you do to take care of yourself. Please post your comments.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Develop Your Child's Internal Guidance System

When our children "misbehave," it is easy to be tempted to say, "Stop doing that!" or "If you do that again, I will send you to time out!" or "Do you want me to take that away from you?" One thing that all of these phrases have in common is that none of them cause the child to do internal reflection and are doomed for failure. They all represent some external control by us as the parent. Our goal is to have our child develop his/her own Internal Guidance System (IGS).

Parenting Practice: This week practice asking questions that cause internal reflection. For example,  to a child who flippantly says, "I'm SORRY!" ask, "Was that sincere?" or to a child that backtalks ask, "Was that respectful?" Or to a child who says something mean to a younger sibling ask, "Was that helpful?" Make sure you ask these questions in a light, curious tone of voice. If you say it in an admonishing or judgmental tone your efforts will be nullified.

We would love to hear how you develop you child's IGS. Please leave your comments. They inspire us.